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Since 1996 we specialized our team to offer the best copiers in Los Angeles! We are backed with manufacturer warranty and technical supports! Our Sales team is fully trained to offer the right equipment for your office production and the volume needs. We have fully certified trained field engineers with full knowledge of service repairs and maintenance.

We choose our financial department very carefully! Our customers saving is our high priority! Financial departments that are in relation with us are offering the lowest rates in the financing market. Because of that we offer the best deals for your office copier in Los Angeles areas.

Our main goal is customer satisfactions Quality is our main slogan Not quantity! so therefor we take every customer needs very seriously. Most importantly when we say best copier deals in Los Angeles we really mean it. once you purchase or lease your next office equipment you will become part of our family! We love to cater your needs and help you grow! when you grow you will need more equipment so if we are reliable provider we will earn your business once again.



Please visit our main site for our products details!

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Copier Lease Glendale, CA
Canon,Muratec,Copystar Copier Lease Glendale, CA

There are a number of bells and whistles that you can include with your copier. Find out more about the most popular features and if they’d be a good fit for your new copier.

Digital Copier Interfaces
Digital copier technology works best with a great interface, so use today’s touchscreens or network connections for the best results!

Copier Lease Glendale,CA
Airprint Compatible Printers
It’s not uncommon for an office or startup to be running Windows programs off PC, Android or Apple Machines. Find out which printers will connect to multiple mobile devices for efficient printing.

Dissecting Speed Considerations

When you’re deciding which digital copier to lease or buy for your business, digital copier printing speed is a vital factor. Here are some key questions to ask before you settle on one particular type.

Leasing Companies

Copier Lease Glendale, CA
We’ve compiled the companies that offer the best leasing options, as well as some examples of what our customers requested from these vendors. Find out of any of their requests meet what you’re looking for.

Digitronix One is a leader in the technology imaging industry. Since 1996 we have been marketing and selling office equipment and offering solution for any type of office copier, printers and fax machines.
Our main goal is to become the reliable, trustworthy, honest copier vendor in Los Angeles County.
Our customers are always very important. We want our customer service to remain as the backbone of the company.
We like to cater to the needs of our customers, so we specialize not only in new equipment but fully refurbished equipment
as well. These are all backed by our leasing companies with warranty and we also offer full maintenance contracts that cover parts, supplies and labor.* We are an honest company and we stand by our word.
DigitronixOne is small enough to offer reliable service, yet large enough to handle any size account.​​​​

Muratec Copier

Copier Los Angeles, CA

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Copier Repair Van Nuys CA

Canon Copier, Copystar Copier, Kyocera Copier, Konica Minolta Copier, Toshiba Copier

Visit Our Web Site To Get More Info:

Why Digitronix One? Copier Repair Van Nuys CA

When it comes time to choose a dealer, “service” is the most important word you need to remember. A great copier with bad service can cause more headaches than a average copier with excellent service. Since you will need to be comfortable with your copier vendor for years and years, it is in your best interest to be particular when evaluating them. There are basically two important factors to be kept in mind while hiring copier repair services.

1-Most important factor in the list is “Reliability”. Always look for reliable service providers of your town. Make full use of Internet and read reviews of all service providers, this will help you get best services.

2-“Quality” is another criteria which you cannot compromise on. Always opt for good quality spare parts for your machine. This may cost you a little higher but remember all good things comes at a cost. By keeping this in mind you can increase the life of your machine. But  the decision is ultimately yours, Buy products that are within your budget and are of genuine quality at the same time.

Copier service agreements.

Because the office copier is so essential to many businesses, the service agreement that stipulates when and how repairs will be done is a very important part of any purchase or lease decision. As with pricing for the copier itself, service agreement pricing can vary significantly from vendor to vendor, so make sure you are able to compare by getting quotes for the same level of service from multiple vendors.

All plans tend to cover costs of parts and labor for repairing and maintaining your copier. Unfortunately, “parts” often has a different definition from vendor to vendor. Parts that break during use are almost always covered, as are parts that wear out over time. This includes fuser rollers, cleaning blades, and other parts often bundled in preventative maintenance kits. Make sure you get a comprehensive list of what is and is not covered so you can compare plans accurately.

Digitronix Onespecializes in Canon, Copystar, Ricoh, Kyocera, Brother & HP copiers sales throughout all the Los Angeles County. We provide on site services to offices, home offices, schools, or any meeting environment and all of our work is done by our certified technicians.

With our large selection of New, Certified Refurbished Digital Network Laser B&W copiers as well as Color Copiers from Canon, Copystar, Ricoh, Kyocera, Brother and more…we guarantee you will  find an office equipment that is a perfect fit for your special tasks as well as your budget.

Our knowledgeable sales teamis standing by to answer all your questions in order to locate the best possible equipment for your office needs. We also specialize in repairing, servicing and diagnosing any office copier problem on your commercial machine!

​We are your best source for: Used Copier, Color Copier, Laser Copier, Canon Copier, Canon Color Copier, Canon Imagerunner Copier, Copystar Copier, Kyocera, Copier Ricoh Copier, Konica Minolta Copier, Sharp Copier.

Copier Repair Van Nuys CA

Copier Repair

Canon Copier Repair, Copystar Copier Repair, Kyocera Copier Repair

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Printer Repair Glendale, CA

Laser Printer Repair Glendale, CA


Printer Repair Glendale, CA.

Copier & Printer Repairs


Digitronix One is small enough to offer reliable service, yet large enough to handle any size account.

We excel in the Field of Service & Sales providing our clients with the right solution for any office automation application –from small standalone desktop copiers and faxes to the latest in high tech digital and connected technology. Full Scale Service Department with Factory Trained Technicians On-site and Off-site service

Supplies Order Desk with Competitive Pricing for Copiers, Laser Printers, Color Copiers, Desktop Copiers and Department size Copiers, Work Group Copy machines, Advanced Network Copiers.

Maintenance Agreements with Flexible Options and Pricing – Consultant Based Team to assist you in the purchase/lease of Office Equipment
Brand New State-of-the-art Equipment as well as Refurbished Copier Machines.

Digitronix One your first choice for Copiers, Printers and Supplies.

If you plan to buy a color copier in Los Angeles, here are some pointers you should remember. A decent digital color copier should have border erasing capabilities. Other standard features include color adjustment, colour balancing. There are some variants that give you a whole menu of additional editing functionalities as well, such as colorizing. Colorizing basically refers to the feature that enables users to create color documents from the original black and white copies.

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Copier Glendale, CA
Copier Lease, Copier Sales, Copier Repair Glendale, CA


Copier Glendale, CA


Copier, Copy Machine, Laser Printer

Copier Glendale, CA
Copier Repair Glendale, CA

Copier Glendale

Best Copier Service in Glendale, CA

Copier Glendale, Copier Repair Glendale, Used Copier Glendale

Basically there are three main elements  are be considered while searching for copier services and products. First and foremost is the reliability. If the services are hundred percent reliable and near perfect, a customer develop a long lasting relation with the organization like Digitronix One. This is the reason why Digitronix One is counted amongst topmost copier services providers. Next big thing is quality which cannot be compromised. Services should be cost-effective too so that anybody can afford them. If all the above mentioned three elements are present, than why not trust such a trustworthy organization. Kyocera Copiers Glendale provides you best services in the town.

Nothing is more embarrassing than a situation where you are struck in the middle of an important task because of bad printer. If you have problem than we provide the solution. Once our engineer finishes repair work, you are surely going to love our services and next time will only call us. You can blindly trust our services and give us golden opportunity to serve you better. This progress would not have been possible without your valuable trust and support. With your constant support we are definitely going to achieve the best and give  the best.

​Trust us with our factory certified technicians

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Copier Van Nuys, CA

Copier sales,Copier Lease, Copier Repairs in Van Nuys, CA

Copier Van Nuys, Ca Specials This Month.

Copier Van Nuys, CA, Copy Machine, Laser Printer

Copier Van Nuys, CA
Copier Repair Glendale, CA

We Make it Simple.

Digitronix One is a leader in the technology imaging industry. Since 1996 we have been marketing and selling office equipment and offering solution for any type of office copier, printers and fax machines.

Our main goal is to become the reliable, trustworthy, honest copier vendor in Los Angeles County.

Our customers are always very important. We want our customer service to remain as the backbone of the company.

We like to cater to the needs of our customers, so we specialize not only in new equipment but fully refurbished equipment  as well.  These are all backed by our leasing companies with warranty and we also offer full maintenance contracts that cover parts, supplies and labor.* We are an honest company and we stand by our word.

Digitronix One is small enough to offer reliable service, yet large enough to handle any size account.

Copier Van Nuys

Copier experts right at your doorsteps.

Have you ever come across copier products that always support your urgent job till it comes to an end. Normally the products from even the most trusted brands sometimes create trouble and only increase your frustration. Copier services need to be of great quality, should be reliable enough to be called again and should cost right. Right product can never break your trust and doesn’t stop in the middle. Such products are hard to find. Ricoh Copiers Los Angeles is a name you can fully trust on. It is supported by Digitronix One.

Digitronix One is a name which is known for its quality services and helps you manage your office equipments with great ease. Well known brand Ricoh, Copystar, Canon Copiers Van Nuys Los Angeles takes its support and sells its unique products here. There are plethora of options available with Digitronix One Copiers Van Nuys, Los Angeles, the choice is yours, which one you want to buy. From a black & white printer to a colored one, you get the variety in great price range. Fast and reliable services are what Digitronix One is famous for and a tie-up with a famous brand like Ricoh, Copystar, Canon only enhances its value. So, next time when you are in trouble, call us and our technician will be right at your door steps within minutes.

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Muratec Copier Los Angeles, CA

Muratec MFX Copier Los Angeles, CA

Muratec Copier Link


Desktop Series (B&W) Letter/Legal Size A4

MFX-3510 / MFX-3530 / MFX-3590

Stand Alone Series (B&W) Letter/Legal Size A4


Business Series (B&W) Letter/legal/11X17 Size A3

MFX-3680N / MFX-4580N

Smart Scanning
– Scan monochrome documents at up to 40 images-per-minute or color documents at up to 27 images-per-minute.
– Automatically capture two-sided originals using the patented duplexing automatic document feeder (DADF) found on the Muratec MFX-3590.
– Documents can be converted into TIFF, PDF or JPEG file formats.
– Up to (1,000) e-mail addresses and (300) PC folder shortcuts can be registered into the address book for instant access.
– Create smart documents on the Muratec MFX-3590 using the optional ScanTag® metadata capture feature. With ScanTag®, users can add multiple lines of metadata that can enable automatic indexing into a variety of popular document management solutions.
– DirectScan® enables users to scan documents directly into PC folders without having to install any additional hardware or software connectors.
– Scan to Evernote® enables users to scan documents directly from the Muratec MFX-3590 into their cloud-based Evernote® account.
Faxing Solutions
– Business-class fax solutions include a blazing-fast 33.6 Kbps modem, 1,000 location address book, transmission archiving (for auditing), fax forwarding to e-mail / PC folders and transmission confirmation reporting.
– The MFX-3590 can integrate with a variety of popular fax server applications utilizing the optional e-mail gateway feature.
– The MFX-3590 features a variety of settings to improve fax communications over VoIP networks.
– Intuitive fax driver enables you to send faxes directly from a PC application. Easy access to your MFP address book, customizable cover pages and multi-location broadcasting is supported.
Document & Device Security Solutions
– Documents that are printed using the secure print feature are stored within machine memory for up to 24 hours. After 24 hours they are automatically wiped from the machine memory. No other documents are stored in the machine’s memory.
– Machine settings can be quickly backed-up and restored by the IT administrator.
– Route inbound fax documents to an e-mail address or PC Folder.
– Require user log-in prior to gaining machine access.
– Create secure PDF’s that require password entry prior to viewing.
– Create an audit trail of device communication to record the details of outbound fax and e-mail transmissions (Muratec exclusive feature).
User-Friendly Operation
– The Muratec MFX-3590 features a 7” color smart panel that enhances the user experience.
– The Muratec MFX-3590 was designed with the busy workgroup in mind, meaning users can quickly and easily replenish paper cassettes, change toner & drum cartridges, clear paper jams and execute machine operations.
– The optional 2-bin output tray can separate print, copy or fax documents to create distribution-ready output.
– The My MFP mode enables each machine user to create a custom home screen that displays the features they most frequently access.
– Users can insert both letter & legal size documents into the document feeder and the device will correctly identify each size and produce output on the appropriate paper size (assuming both paper sizes have been loaded into the cassettes).
A Powerful Printer
– Up to 37 page-per-minute output speed.
– Standard PCL5 / XL enables printing compatibility with a majority of operating systems and applications (Windows, UNIX, SAP, AS/400).
– Optional PostScript 3 printing enables compatibility with Macintosh operating systems.
– The MFX-3590 features (2) 500-sheet paper cassettes and a 100-sheet multipurpose bypass tray standard. The unit also features shift-sorting which physically separates each set in a print/copy job.
– Up to (2) optional paper cassettes can be added to the Muratec MFX-3590 to provide high-volume print environments with additional paper capacity and instant access to multiple paper types when printing.

Muratec MFX-3510 Copier

Muratec Copier Los Angeles, CA

Muratec Los Angeles

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Copier Burbank,CA

Copier Burbank provides Copier Lease, Copier Finance, Copier Service, Copier Repair

For more information Click here: Copier Burbank, CA

Copier Burbank, CA.

We have over 20 years of experience providing large scale of technical supports and services to our customers in Burbank, CA. Copier Burbank, CA also practice sales as well as lease or finance provided directly by our factory financial departments with best possible rates in the market.
Our technical support team as well as our field technicians are fully factory trained we also have Microsoft and Apple Certified IT people to help with all your office PC or Mac Network issues.
Copier Burbank, CA is one stop office solutions for all your office equipment’s as well as Computer problems.

Give Us a Call @ (818)230-3080 We will gladly assist you with your needs and questions.

Products we support.
Canon, Copystar, HP, Kyocera, Brother, Konica Minolta, Ricoh.

List of Our Fully Certified Copiers.

Fully Certified Refurbished Copiers.


Copier Burbank, CA

Copier Burbank, CA

Quality of our products is just incomparable to other copier services providers in the city. Such quality you can find nowhere else. After all reliability of any machine is on the top for any customer. You cannot risk your data and work by trusting a poor quality product. Keeping this in mind we keep only branded products as the name speaks. Good quality builds reliability and vice-versa. Last but not the least, the cost. It is true that people looking for quality products do not bother about the cost, but this is also true that it should be within your budget. We provide quality products at affordable prices.
Copier Burbank, Ca has been able to mark its presence in the copier products field since years. We are here to stay. Our products and services are best in the world and do not provide you a single chance to crib, all we supply is best possible copier service. All our clients swear by our services and products. Believe us it is not easy to build trust among st clients, it takes lots of efforts and courage to establish one. Copier Burbank, CA has come a long way in providing quality copier services to customers.
Copier Burbank, CA specializes in Canon, Copystar, Ricoh, Kyocera, Brother & HP copiers sales throughout all the Los Angeles County and also city of Burbank We provide on site services to offices, home offices, schools, or any meeting environment and all of our work is done by our certified technicians.

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Muratec Copier Los Angeles, CA

Muratec MFX Copier Dealer Los Angeles, CA


Muratec Copier Series

Muratec Digital Multifunction copier
MFX Color Series.

  Dynamic document capture
– Standard duplexing automatic document feeder (DADF) captures color and monochrome documents at up to 160 images-per-minute.
– Quickly scan to email, FTP, SMB and TWAIN.
– Optional scan to PowerPoint, PDF/A and User Box for added functionality and convenience.
– Preview scanned documents on the control panel before completing the job.
– Blank page removal reduces the scanning file size by automatically eliminating blank pages during scanning.

Powerful printing Muratec Copier Los Angeles, CA
– Full color printing at up to 55 pages-per-minute.
– Print 11″ x 17″ full bleed originals on 12″ x 18″ paper to preserve margins and crop marks.
– Standard PCL6 and PostScript 3.
– Optional stapling, offsets stacking, hole punching and job separator trays.
– Optional tri-folding, a first in this class, to create professional booklets.
– Optional tab printing creates section dividers for binders.
– Carbon printing enables the same page to print from multiple trays using a different colored paper from each tray.

Unmatched usability Muratec Copier Los Angeles, CA
– 9″ color touchscreen mirrors the intuitive “touch and swipe” feel of a mobile device.
– Users can reposition and/or delete icons on the screen to create a truly custom experience.
– Control panel tilts (23° to 55°) to increase device accessibility.
– Optional voice guidance system provides audible assistance with machine functions.
– Proximity sensor on the control panel will “wake up” the machine from sleep mode if it detects motion

Environmentally responsible Muratec Copier Los Angeles, CA
– Exclusive toner formulations uses biomass plant-based materials to reduce environmental impact.
– Paper fuses at lower temperatures to dramatically reduce power consumption without compromising quality.
– Optimize Power Consumption mode automatically reduce power consumption without compromising quality.
– Eco-indicator on control panel enables you to monitor paper, toner and energy usage by user.
– Print/copy preview modes enable you to print a proof copy prior to printing the full job.
– Extensive use of recycled materials has been incorporated into the Muratec MFX-C5580N.


Muratec MFXC4580N

Muratec MFXC4580N

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Canon imageRunner Advance C3330i

Canon imageRunner Advance C3330i Los Angeles

Canon Copier Lease, Finance,Repair in Los Angeles

For more info visit website here: Canon imageRunner Advance C3330i

Canon imageRunner C3330i

Canon imageRunner C3330i Los Angeles

CanonimageRunner Advance C3330i

At up to 30/30 pages per minute (BW/Color, Letter), the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3330i model offers seamless integration into an enterprise fleet and a multitude of resources to provide big capabilities in a small footprint.

Copier Spec’s pdf file: Canon imageRunner C3330i

Today’s fast-paced business world requires the continuous, integrated flow of information and new levels of productivity. Designed with this in mind, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3330i devices work seamlessly with Canon’s portfolio of solutions and services to streamline workflow and empower users. Now the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3300i Series offers small workgroups access to powerful information management solutions. lmpressively compact and cost-effective, these multifunction color devices can change the way you work.

AN EXCELLENT FIT Compact yet powerful, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3330i model is an excellent fit in smaller environments. Easily handle a range of printing tasks from envelopes to sheets up to 12” x 18”. The inner finisher option can bind documents with either a staple or an environmentally conscious, staple-free closure.

AFFORDABLE PERFORMANCE To help your bottom line, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3300i Series helps minimize costs and maximize reliability. The efficient product design, along with Canon’s high-yield consumables, help achieve a low cost per page and a low total cost of ownership. And with outstanding up time and easy maintenance, you can enjoy consistent productivity.

EASY PRODUCTIVITY Boost your productivity with a range of smart features. The intuitive and customizable interface helps streamline work by combining routine tasks at the touch of a button. Hard-copy documents can be scanned and converted into easily editable formats, including Microsoft® Word, PowerPoint®, or searchable Adobe® PDF files. Integrate documents into your existing business processes, and even access information directly from certain cloud applications. These models also support printing from and scanning to Android® or Apple® mobile devices.

POWERFUL INTEGRATION These models can seamlessly integrate into your Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE C3330i network of devices. Consistent design and operation help users quickly master the Series. Effortlessly install, replace, and migrate settings for devices across your network. Use Canon’s advanced management tools to help you control costs by tracking usage and influencing user behavior. And, take advantage of Canon’s extensive portfolio of solutions and services to support your unique workflow needs.

Canon imageRunner Advance Configuration and add on options

Canon imageRunner Advance C3330i

Canon imageRunner Advance C3330i

Main Unit Hardware • 100-sheet Duplex Automatic Document Feeder • Two 550-sheet Cassettes • 100-sheet Stack Bypass

Finishing Options Copy Tray–J2 Inner 2-way Tray-J1 Inner Finisher–G1 • 600-sheet capacity • Corner and double stapling, up to 50 sheets

• Staple-Free stapling, up to 5 pages of 17 lb. Bond • Staple On Demand, up to 40 sheets of 20 lb. Bond Staple Finisher-U1 • 2,100-sheet capacity (max.) • Corner and double stapling, up to 50 sheets

Booklet Finisher-U1 • 2,100-sheet capacity (max.) • Corner and double stapling, up to 50 sheets • Booklet-making, up to 16 sheets

Print Drivers • UFR II • PCL • Adobe® PostScript® 3™ Color Universal Send Remote Operator’s Kit

Paper Handling Options Cassette Feeding Unit-AL1 • 550-sheet x 2 cassette capacity • 17 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover • Supports up to 12” x 18” Cabinet Type-J


SIMPLYADVANCED Main Unit Operation Panel: 7” WVGA Full-Color TFT Screen



Hard Disk Drive:

215 GB

Network Interface Connection Standard:



Wireless LAN (IEEE 803.1x via third-party adapter) Other Interface Standard: USB 2.0 (Host) x 2, USB 2.0 (Device)


Device Port [USB 2.0 (Host) x 2], Copy Control Interface Copy/Print Speed (BW/Color) Letter :

C3330i: Up to 30/30 ppm C3325i: Up to 25/25 ppm Legal/11”x17”: Up to 15 ppm First-Copy-Out Time (Letter) As fast as 5.9 Seconds (BW) and 8.2 Seconds (Color) Paper Sources (20 lb. Bond)


Two 550-sheet Paper Cassettes 100-sheet Stack Bypass


2,300 Sheets Output Paper Capacity (20 lb. Bond)


Up to 350 Sheets (Inner Tray)


Up to 2,100 Sheets (w/Staple Finisher or Booklet Finisher)

Output Paper Sizes Cassette 1:

Statement-R, Letter, Executive Cassettes 12” x 18”, 11” x 17”, Legal, Letter, Letter-R, 2/3/4: Statement, Statement-R, Executive, Custom Size (5-1/2” x 7-1/8” to 12” x 18”), Envelopes* Bypass: 12” x 18”, 12-5/8” x 17-11/16”, 11” x 17”, Legal, Letter, Letter-R, Statement, Statement-R, Executive, Custom Size (3-7/8” x 5-1/2” to 12-5/8” x 18”) Acceptable Paper

Weights Cassettes:

14 lb. Bond to 80 lb. Cover (52 to 220 g/m2)


14 lb. Bond to 140 lb. Index (52 to 256 g/m2)

Warm-Up Time From Power On:

34 Seconds From Sleep: 10 Seconds

Quick Startup Mode:

7 Seconds** Power Requirements/Plug 120V AC, 60 Hz, 7.5A/NEMA 5-15P Dimensions (H x W x D) 34-5/8” x 22-1/4” x 27-5/16” (878 mm x 565 mm x 693 mm) Installation Space (W x D) 35-1/4” x 44” (894 mm x 1117 mm)


Approximately 163.4 lb. (74.1 kg)***

Toner (Estimated Yield @ 5% Coverage) Black: 36,000 Images Color (C,M,Y): 19,000

Images Document Feeder Scan Method Duplex Automatic Document Feeder Acceptable Originals Paper Size: 11” x 17”, Legal, Letter, Letter-R, Statement, or Statement-R Scan Speed (BW and Color; Letter) Simplex: Up to 55 ipm (300 dpi)/ Up to 30 ipm (600 dpi) Duplex: Up to 27.5 ipm (300 dpi)/ Up to 15 ipm (600 dpi) Paper Capacity: Up to 100 Sheets (20 lb. Bond)

Print Specifications Maximum Engine Resolution:

1200 x 1200 dpip PDL Supportpp Standard: UFR II, PCL 5c/6, Adobe Postscript 3 Direct

Print Support Standard:


Universal Send Specifications Sending Method

E-Mail, I-Fax, File Server (FTP, SMB, WebDAV),

Super G3 Fax (Opt.)

Communication Protocol File:


WebDAV E-mail/ I-Fax: SMTP, POP3, I-FAX (Simple, Full)

File Format Standard: TIFF, JPEG, PDF (Compact, Searchable, PDF/A-1b), XPS (Compact, Searchable), OOXML (.pptx, .docx)

Optional: PDF (Trace and Smooth), PDF (Encrypted), PDF/XPS (Digital Signature) Fax Specifications Maximum Number of Connection Lines: 2 Modem Speed Super G3: 33.6 Kbps G3: 14.4 Kbps Compression Method MH, MR, MMR, JBIG Sending/Recording Size Statement to 11” x 17”

Store Specifications Standard:

USB Memory, Mail Box Simple Advanced Box Store to Remote Advanced Box: Supported ††† Print/View from Remote Advanced Box: Supported ††† Security Specifications Standard User Authentication (including Department ID Management and Single Sign On-H), Access Management System (Device and Function Level Log-in),

Secured Print, Trusted Platform Module, IPV6, Restricting New Addresses on Address Book, SSL Encrypted Communication, SNMPv1/ v3, MAC/IP Address Port Filtering, SMTP Authentication, POP Authentication before SMTP, HDD Initialize (Up to 9x), HDD Erase (Up to 3x), HDD Lock, IPsec, Adobe LiveCycle® Rights Management ES2.5 Integration Optional HDD Encryption, HDD Erase Scheduler, Encrypted Secure Print, Encrypted PDF, Secure Watermark, IEEE 2600.1 Common Criteria Certificationu, Secure Audit Manager Express, uniFLOW, AA-Print, Universal Login Manager *

Envelopes are supported in Cassette 2 only. ** If “Quick Startup Settings for Main Power” is set to ON, it takes seven seconds until the key operation on the touch-panel display is available after turning on the main power, and 10 seconds until the start button function is available. ***

Includes consumables. p Print Speed will slow down with 1200 x 1200 dpi. pp For Print Driver OS support, see detailed spec sheet. † XPS cannot be printed directly from Web Access Software. †† EPS can be printed directly only from Remote User Interface. †††

Requires connection to a networked imageRUNNER ADVANCE device with Advanced Box. u Available approximately six months after launch.

NOTE: Some accessories require additional equipment or may be prerequisites for other options.

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