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Copier Lease Los Angeles CA

Copier Lease Los Angeles, CA for Smart and Successful Ventures

Copier leasing has become the standard for business equipment practices in the recent years. In fact, it has become a big industry, responsible for billions of dollars of revenue for copier dealers and finance companies alike. at Copier Lease Los Angeles, we offer the best rates available in the market by our nationwide leading financial department. We do it all! starting from paperwork, qualification, order, delivery, setup, and training! Our Factory trained engineers are fully certified to handle from machine setup as well as Network configurations. We have over 22 years of experience handling from small home office up to production size businesses! It is smarter to test out what works for your business first before committing to a major purchase. There are things to keep in mind when determining the type of copier to lease:

  • Printing speeds – Unlike traditional copiers that can only print out 30 pages per minute (ppm), modern digital copiers can print up to 100 ppm. With reduced warm-up requirements, “first copy out” speeds now range between 3.5 to 7.5 seconds.
  • Print volume – Depending on the size of the copier, the typical paper capacity listed as a “tray” or “cassette” can hold 100 sheets in the tray and 250 in the cassette. For large-scale production, new machines can accommodate up to 500 sheets in the tray and more than 2,000 sheets in multi-level cassettes.
  • Added functionalities – Multifunctional Copier machines may include wireless connectivity, touch-screen controls, image editing, and are energy-saving compliant. Stapler Finisher, hole-punching device, card stuck capabilities.
  • Graphics capabilities – Models with visual capabilities are perfect for business in advertising services where reproduction from source material needs to be exact.
Copier Lease Los Angeles CA

Copier Lease Los Angeles CA

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