Muratec Copier Los Angeles, CA

Muratec copier Los Angeles, CA MFX Series

Muratec MFX-3590X


Muratec Copier Los Angeles, CA Authorized Dealer

Muratec Copier Los Angeles, CA

Muratec Copier Los Angeles Ca 


Muratec MFX-3510 Copier

  • Muratec MFX Copier Smart Scanning
    – Scan monochrome documents at up to 40 images-per-minute or color documents at up to 27 images-per-minute.
    – Automatically capture two-sided originals using the patented duplexing automatic document feeder (DADF) found on the Muratec MFX-3590.
    – Documents can be converted into TIFF, PDF or JPEG file formats.
    – Up to (1,000) e-mail addresses and (300) PC folder shortcuts can be registered into the address book for instant access.
    – Create smart documents on the Muratec MFX-3590 using the optional ScanTag® metadata capture feature. With ScanTag®, users can add multiple lines of metadata that can enable automatic indexing into a variety of popular document management solutions.
    – DirectScan® enables users to scan documents directly into PC folders without having to install any additional hardware or software connectors.
    – Scan to Evernote® enables users to scan documents directly from the Muratec MFX-3590 into their cloud-based Evernote® account.
  • Muratec MFX Copier Faxing Solutions
    – Business-class fax solutions include a blazing-fast 33.6 Kbps modem, 1,000 location address book, transmission archiving (for auditing), fax forwarding to e-mail / PC folders and transmission confirmation reporting.
    – The MFX-3590 can integrate with a variety of popular fax server applications utilizing the optional e-mail gateway feature.
    – The MFX-3590 features a variety of settings to improve fax communications over VoIP networks.
    – Intuitive fax driver enables you to send faxes directly from a PC application. Easy access to your MFP address book, customizable cover pages and multi-location broadcasting is supported.
    Document & Device Security Solutions
    – Documents that are printed using the secure print feature are stored within machine memory for up to 24 hours. After 24 hours they are automatically wiped from the machine memory. No other documents are stored in the machine’s memory.
    – Machine settings can be quickly backed-up and restored by the IT administrator.
    – Route inbound fax documents to an e-mail address or PC Folder.
    – Require user log-in prior to gaining machine access.
    – Create secure PDF’s that require password entry prior to viewing.
    – Create an audit trail of device communication to record the details of outbound fax and e-mail transmissions (Muratec exclusive feature).
  • Muratec MFX Copier User-Friendly Operation
    – The Muratec MFX-3590 features a 7” color smart panel that enhances the user experience.
    – The Muratec MFX-3590 was designed with the busy workgroup in mind, meaning users can quickly and easily replenish paper cassettes, change toner & drum cartridges, clear paper jams and execute machine operations.
    – The optional 2-bin output tray can separate print, copy or fax documents to create distribution-ready output.
    – The My MFP mode enables each machine user to create a custom home screen that displays the features they most frequently access.
    – Users can insert both letter & legal size documents into the document feeder and the device will correctly identify each size and produce output on the appropriate paper size (assuming both paper sizes have been loaded into the cassettes).
    A Powerful Printer
    – Up to 37 page-per-minute output speed.
    – Standard PCL5 / XL enables printing compatibility with a majority of operating systems and applications (Windows, UNIX, SAP, AS/400).
    – Optional PostScript 3 printing enables compatibility with Macintosh operating systems.
    – The MFX-3590 features (2) 500-sheet paper cassettes and a 100-sheet multipurpose bypass tray standard. The unit also features shift-sorting which physically separates each set in a print/copy job.
    – Up to (2) optional paper cassettes can be added to the Muratec MFX-3590 to provide high-volume print environments with additional paper capacity and instant access to multiple paper types when printing.
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Muratec Authorized Dealer Los Angeles, CA

Muratec Copiers and Label Printers

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Muratec America

Muratec Authorized Dealer Los Angeles, CA


Muratec Authorized Dealer Los Angeles, CA

​​We take great pride in offering the highest level of service to our customers.


If you are looking for an honest company that provides quality, reliable machines at
affordable prices, look no further!

We have over 20 years of experience in specializing in selling brand new and refurbished certified office equipment, B/W Copiers, Color Copiers, Laser Printers, Used Copier and providing quality service runs all around Los Angeles areas.
Muratec Authorized Dealer Los Angeles, CA.
We pride ourselves in excelling in the field of service and sales and providing our clients with the right office copiers, Printers
for their price and needs. We offer from small stand alone desktop copiers and have a wide range of larger enterprise
products that include the latest in copier technology. We have competitive pricing on all of our copiers, laser printers, color copiers, desktop copiers and work group copy machines.​

Muratec B/W and Color Copiers

Muratec Copier

Copier lease @ wholesale price.


CALL US @ (818)230-3080

When it comes time to choose a dealer, “service” is the most important word you need to remember. A great copier with bad service can cause more headaches than a average copier with excellent service. Since you will need to be comfortable with your copier vendor for years and years, it is in your best interest to be particular when evaluating them.
There are basically two important factors to be kept in mind while hiring copier repair services.
1-Most important factor in the list is “Reliability”. Always look for reliable service providers of your town. Make full use of Internet and read reviews of all service providers, this will help you get best services.
2-“Quality” is another criteria which you cannot compromise on. Always opt for good quality spare parts for your machine. This may cost you a little higher but remember all good things comes at a cost. By keeping this in mind you can increase the life of your machine. But the decision is ultimately yours, Buy products that are within your budget and are of genuine quality at the same time.

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Muratec MFX Series Los Angeles

Muratec MFX Copiers Los Angeles

Muratec MFX Series Los Angeles

Copier lease @ wholesale price.

Muratec MFX Series Los Angeles medium workgroup devices are geared for those teams whose document workflow needs span beyond just input and output. With full color print speeds of up to 36 pages per minute and document finishing options such as folding, saddle stitching, hole punching, these medium workgroup devices are able to produce distribution-ready documents right from your computer.
Muratec’s large workgroup devices are geared for those teams who require a little more horsepower to get the job done. With full color speeds up to 55 pages-per-minute, these large workgroup devices are able to quickly and efficiently produce your business-critical documents.

The MFX-C5580N defines best-in-class performance. It starts with an impressive single pass reversing document feeder, in the middle, sits the most precise color reproduction system in the market delivering crisp 55 page-per-minute output, and it ends with a document finishing system unlike any you’ve ever seen.

Full color printing at up to 55 pages-per-minute
Standard 100-sheet duplexing automatic document feeder (DADF)
Print on a variety of media with sizes up to 12″ x 18″, envelopes, heavy stocks, tab-folders, labels and more
Touch and swipe simplicity mirrors the usability of a mobile device
Distribution-ready output with optional stapling, sorting, hole-punching and more
Next generation security features such as biometric authentication, which recognizes finger vein patterns

Muratec MFX Series Los Angeles Authorized Dealer.
​​​​​​DigitronixOne is a leader in the technology imaging industry. Since 1996 we have been marketing and selling office equipment and solutions designed to streamline and enhance workflow processes. We offer a complete line that can meet all your needs from the latest advancements seen today whether it’s for a large or small office environment.
We are Los Angeles exclusive Muratec MFX Series Authorized Dealer with Fully Certified Technician and IT support team group to handle all your office Network/ Printing/ Scanning needs.

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Copier Los Angeles, CA

Muratec Authorized Dealer.

We provide the utmost user-friendly service to vast of our customers with a solid foundation and sustained progress.
Digitronix One Proudly serving Los Angeles, CA since 1996, we are authorized dealer for Muratec America, providing
our customers with the most advance state of the art office multi-function products.
Our large format laminating press machine  is also supported by precise shape cutting technology.
Please visit our website to find out more about our products and services.

We are committed to making sure that you leave any transaction satisfied.That means having access to real people that get your questions and concerns answered quickly.Give us a shot and we’ll make sure that you will look to us again!

We take great pride in offering the highest level of service to our customers.

We have over 20 years of experience in specializing in selling brand new and refurbished certified office equipment, B/W Copiers, Color Copiers, Laser Printers, Used Copier and providing quality service runs all around Los Angeles areas.

We pride ourselves in excelling in the field of service and sales and providing our clients with the right office copiers, Printers

for their price and needs. We offer from small stand alone desktop copiers and have a wide range of larger enterprise

products that include the latest in copier technology. We have competitive pricing on all of our copiers, laser printers, color copiers, desktop copiers and work group copy machines.

Muratec Copier

Copier Los Angeles, CA

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Printer Repair Glendale CA
Laser Printer Repairs in Glendale CA

Check here for our service rates:

We have a Fully certified factory trained techs standing by to fix all of your Laser printer issues, we work hard to create a trustworthy environment to help our customer to be worry free of any troubles created by their office printers, we usually have most of the parts to repair your printer available in stock and if for any reason we are out of inventory it normally takes a day to order and obtain the part or the supplies for your printer simply give us a call and our help desk will help you to identify the make and model in order to order the right part and supplies for you.

Printer repair Glendale CA powered by Digitronix One the company that has over 20 years experience and wide reputation all around Los Angeles area.


Service Rate

Our Estimate fee is $35.00 that will cover transportation and gas surcharges. our service distance is 40 miles away from our Glendale, CA location.

Service and repair labor fee.

Black/ White Desktop Series:

1st hour $60.00 extra hours $25.00 per hour.

Color Desktop Series:

1st hour $70.00 extra hours$25.00 per hour.

Black/ White  Standalone Series Up to 55 PPM.

1st hour $75.00 extra hours $30.00 per hour.

​Black/ White  High Speed Series above 55 PPM.

1st hour $95.00 extra hours $40.00 per hour.

Color Standalone Series Up to 55 PPM.

1st hour $95.00 extra hours $40.00 per hour.

​Color High Speeds above 55 PPM.

1st hour $125.00 extra hours $50.00 per hour.

Network Configuration and setup

1st hour $85.00 extra hours $30.00 per hour.


Our Line of Laser Printers we repairs are as follow:

All Canon Laser Printers and Copiers.

All Brother Laser Printers and Copiers.

All HP Laser Printers and Copiers.

All Copystar Laser Printers and Copiers.

All Kyocera Laser Printers and Copiers.

All Konica Minolta Laser Printers and Copiers.

Laser Printer repair

HP Laser Jet Printer Repair


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Copier Burbank, CA

Copier Burbank, CA
Copier Burbank Provides Copier sales, Copier Lease, Copier Repair

Copier Burbank, CA has over 20 years of experience selling and repairing copiers, and laser printers.
Visit Our site for more info: Copier Burbank, CA


Quality of our products is just incomparable to other copier services providers in the city. Such quality you can find nowhere else. After all reliability of any machine is on the top for any customer. You cannot risk your data and work by trusting a poor quality product. Keeping this in mind we keep only branded products as the name speaks. Good quality builds reliability and vice-versa. Last but not the least, the cost. It is true that people looking for quality products do not bother about the cost, but this is also true that it should be within your budget. We provide quality products at affordable prices.

Copier Burbank, CA has been able to mark its presence in the copier products field since years. We are here to stay. Our products and services are best in the world and do not provide you a single chance to crib, all we supply is best possible copier service. All our clients swear by our services and products. Believe us it is not easy to build trust amongst clients, it takes lots of efforts and courage to establish one. Copier Burbank, CA has come a long way in providing quality copier services to customers.

Copier Burbank, CA specializes in Canon, Copystar, Ricoh, Kyocera, Brother & HP copiers sales throughout all the Los Angeles County and also city of Burbank  We provide on site services to offices, home offices, schools, or any meeting environment and all of our work is done by our certified technicians.

We pride ourselves in excelling in the field of service and sales and providing our clients with the right office copiers, Printers for their price and needs. We offer from small stand alone desktop copiers and have a wide range of larger enterprise products that include the latest in copier technology. We have competitive pricing on all of our copiers, laser printers, color copiers, desktop copiers and work group copy machines.


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Canon Advance Imagerunner

Canon Advance Imagerunner

We offer top of the line Refurbished or Brand New Office Copiers at Knockout Prices with Warranty!

 Copier repair North Hollywood also copier sales, copier lease.

Click here for more info:

Digitronix one identifies with our customers’ needs for high quality copiers and printers at a reasonable price. We can offer top of the line, new copy machines at a cost that is sometimes less than half of the price of a normally priced new one. After passing a careful, thorough inspection and many challenging tests our copiers and printers undergo a thorough reconditioning process that reestablishes the equipment to a state that is indistinguishable from it’s pristine factory form. We only choose the machines that we know are dependable and have a track record of solid performance. The best part is that you can find high end brands on sale from these used copiers reseller like Toshiba, Minolta, Ricoh and others. That way, we can offer you a great machine at a low and affordable price! Properly refurbished copiers can be a dependable part of your office for years.

Our equipment done by our certified trained techs will keep your costs down and your production up with the latest technology in printing and scanning so you can be assured that your business will not fall behind in a fast changing technological environment. We provide the most up to date technology for the modern office, at the lowest possible price.  If you are looking to purchase a used copy machine and enjoy the savings that come with it, go ahead and view our extensive on-line inventory on our website. Whether you are looking for popular color copy machines or a b/w used copy machine, Digitronix One will have the right copier in stock for your business. Beginning with your first contact with us, you can count on a wonderful copier experience. We will help you select the right copier that meets your business and budget demands.

We strive to provide the most complete used copier refurbishing processes to insure total customer satisfaction and offer maintenance contracts on those models because we stand by our word and we honor these warranties. We offer refurbished Digital Copiers and Network Printer, Scanner, Fax system solutions at a fraction of the cost you would pay for new. Our factory trained refurbishment team uses only genuine manufacturer parts, supplies, and preventative maintenance kits to prepare a copier that is equal in output quality and capabilities of a new unit. We are honest and hard working and we will do all we can to satisfy you and your office copier needs! Whether it is an enterprise office copier or a small laser jet printer  or anything in between! We are here to gladly be of help. All of our machines are completely refurbished and come with a 90 day warranty. Digitronix One works with small to medium sized businesses as well as directly with the public. Financing available on everything we sell as well! We sell and service Ricoh Aficio, Konica Minolta, Canon, Brother, Toshiba, Sharp and many more. Call us today and our team of experts can gladly help! (818)230-3080.


 Copystar CS-Series

​B/W CS Series / ECOSYS FS Laser Printer

B/W ​Laser Printer

​​Desktop ECOSYS FS Series

​Color Ci Series Color ECOSYS Laser Printers

​Color Laser Printer

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Wide Format Printer Printer Copier Scanner
Large format printer copier scanner

View Our Line of Wide Format Printers


KIP700 Wide Format Printer Scanner
KIP 700 System Convenience
The compact design of the KIP 700 provides front
access to the touchscreen, auto roll paper loading,
system operation & copy/print delivery.
KIP 700 Paper Versatility
The automated paper loading of the KIP 700
accepts up to a 500 foot roll of media (2”/52 mm
or 3”/76 mm core) up to 36”/914 mm wide. Paper
tray for standard sizes up to 18” x 24”/457 mm x
610 mm extends the range of print sizes that can be
produced without switching rolls.
Ultimate Document Mobility
An integrated USB port provides convenient access to files
stored on USB drives for instant viewing & printing of single
documents or full collated sets. In addition, originals may
be directly scanned to a USB drive in a variety of file types,
including multipage PDF, TIF & DWF formats.
• Conveniently integrated with KIP 700 touchscreen
• Print from & scan to integrated USB port
• Streamlines mark-up document workflow
• Color scan to file & color copy to inkjet with
quality presets

Wide Format Printer Copier Scanner

• Premier Performance & Quality
• Smart Eco2 Design
• Color Touch Controls
• 600 x 1800 dpi Print, Copy & Scan
• High Definition Print Technology
• 100% Toner Efficient- Zero Waste
• Energy Star Qualified System
• Recycled Paper Approved
• Components 97% Recyclable

• Web Based View & Print
• PC Based View & Print
• PDF & DWF View, Print & Scan
• Color Workflow Integration
• Onscreen Image Preview
• Multi Page File Support
• Windows 7 Certified Driver
• AutoCAD 2011 Driver
• Cost Reporting for all Functions

• Walk-Up Operational Convenience
• Print, Copy & Scan Touch Controls
• View & Print Sets from Touch Screen
• Print From / Scan to Integrated USB Port
• Color Scan to File & Color Copy to Inkjet
• Auto Media Loading
• Front Print Delivery System
• On Screen System & Operator Guides
• Paper Tray – A to C Size Sheets


Large format printer scanner Copier

Large format printer scanner Copier

KIP 7170

KIP 7170
The productivity of the KIP 7170 system is designed to satisfy the most demanding needs of decentralized users. The versatile KIP 7170 may also be expanded to provide multifunction convenience. KIP 7170 system software is ideal for decentralized environments and expandable to meet the need for centralized printing. All system functions of the KIP 7170 are performed through its large, 12″ display with vivid multi-touch color controls that instantly respond to your touch.

The high resolution multi-touch screen provides copy, scan and print previews, allowing you to instantly view b&w and color images. Multi-touch controls allow you to zoom, rotate and pan the image preview.


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Copystar copiers

Copier Lease Glendale
Copier Sales, Repair, Service, Lease
Visit Us Here: Office Copier Center

We Make it Simple.
Digitronix One is a leader in the technology imaging industry. Since 1996 we have been marketing and selling office equipment and offering solution for any type of office copier, printers and fax machines.
Our main goal is to become the reliable, trustworthy, honest copier vendor in Los Angeles County.
Our customers are always very important. We want our customer service to remain as the backbone of the company.
We like to cater to the needs of our customers, so we specialize not only in new equipment but fully refurbished equipment as well. These are all backed by our leasing companies with warranty and we also offer full maintenance contracts that cover parts, supplies and labor.* We are an honest company and we stand by our word.
Digitronix One is small enough to offer reliable service, yet large enough to handle any size account.

From Digital Laser Black & White  to color copy machines, Digitronix One leasing specialists can help you finance new or used office equipment.  we Offer the best saving on New Canon IR 1730, 1740, 1750 Small-mid size  as well as Workgroup Large enterprise Canon IR 4025, 4030. 4035, 4045, 4051 Canon Copiers. Call us today for quote and lease rates.

 Instant Office Equipment Financing – Up to $45,000, 1-page application,   Fast Credit Decision – Receive a credit decision within next day once your application is submitted Flexible Terms & Payment Options – (F.M.V) 12 months up to 60 months including 100% financing. Lowest rate in the nation.

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Copier Repair and Sales in Encino California!

Copier Repair in Encino California

Canon Copier

Canon IR 1730 B/W Copier


Copier Repair and Sales Encino CA

Digitronix One technicians are experienced with office machines, including Hewlett Packard Laser Jets, Sharp, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Copystar, Canon Image Runner Machines and many more. Our certified Technicians have the experience and knowledge of these machines that are facing issues with jamming, error codes, squeaky noises, blurry prints and streaks and network issues. We have helped hundreds of small and large businesses maintain an uninterrupted work flow with quality copier service and repair at half of the cost. Our goal is to minimize the amount of time you spend on procuring supplies and servicing your office machines, because we know that this could potentially take away from things that you need to do when operating in a business setting.

Digitronix one has been serving Encino, Glendale, Pacoima ,Arcadia, Sun Valley, Pasadena Glendale and other surrounding areas for over twenty years. We have all the office solutions you need with new and used equipment. Whether you looking to buy, rent or contract our services, we’re ready for you. New, used, refurbished printers and copiers, we have it all! If you need immediate service you can call or email us and we will schedule an appointment at your convenience. Our professional factory trained technicians will arrive at your facility promptly. Call today to have a certified sales representative assist you in searching for the ideal copier for you and your office needs. Whether it is a small business environment, a large enterprise company or anything in between, we can gladly help!

Our mission is to give honest and a hard working ethic. We consistently demonstrate fair, respectful and ethical behavior. We take personal responsibility, do what is right, and do what we say we will do. We are energetic, committed, and dedicated to our customers, our company, and our careers. We work together as a team to achieve the common goal of serving our customers better and faster. Our honest and trustworthy professionals are not salespeople; they’re technicians that work on the machines every day! For top reliability, we strive to provide the same technician for every job you have; this allows our technician to know your machine best. Our proper, thorough service emphasizes prevention to help keep your investment lasting longer and saving you from having to buy new equipment prematurely.

Our technicians are intelligent, educated and motivated to help you. Digitronix One employs only the best of the best to make sure your copier or printer is running perfectly from the rollers and fusers that move the paper through the copy machine all the way to the driver that sends your important documents to print. There is no issue we can’t solve and no problem we haven’t seen. We’ve got the fastest response and the highest satisfaction and best repair record of any copy machine service department in Encino and all of its surrounding areas. Call today for quality service and exceptional work. (818) 230-3080. Our business is operated in Glendale California and we are ready to serve you!

Canon Copier Brands:

Canon ImageRUNNER

Advance – Series


B/WImageRunner and ImageRunner Advanced Series

Desktop ImageRunner Series

Color ImageRunner and ImageRunner Advanced Series

Scanner-High Speed

​Laser Printer B/W

​Laser Printer Color


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